What Technologies Will Win — And Lose — In 2024


Martha Heller

Founder, CEO
Heller Search Associates

Anne Johnston

VP Cloud Costs & Engagement
Capital One

Amanda Luther

Managing Director and Partner, Global Co-Lead of Digital Transformation
Boston Consulting Group

Dara Meath

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Claire Rutkowski

SVP, CIO Champion
Bentley Systems

Ninish Ukkan

Arvest Bank

Matt Ashare

CIO Dive

Roberto Torres

CIO Dive

Lindsey Wilkinson

CIO Dive

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Matt Hicks

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Join the CIO Dive editorial team as they take a look back at 2023's top technology trends and highlight what will be top of mind for tech executives heading into next year. During our sessions, CIO Dive will speak with experts and analysts to understand what companies should prioritize amid the advancement of AI, regulatory pressure and a push to cut costs. Attendees of this free event will get to hear:

  • How AI will impact 2024 tech strategy
  • The top trends shaping talent demand
  • The next phase of cloud

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Session Information

Will 2024 Be Another Generative AI-Obsessed Year?

2023 saw generative AI's meteoric rise, but companies are still in the early stages of implementation. CIO Dive will assess the use cases that companies gravitated toward this year and what will change next year as best practices emerge. Plus, how did the industry’s embrace of generative AI accelerate adoption, and what will CIOs need to keep an eye on?

Tech Workforce Strategies to Win With Talent

Waves of tech layoffs at the start of 2023 came and went, but the enterprise need for sharp technologists among their ranks is running strong despite initial concerns over economic conditions.

We will hear directly from CIOs about the role they can play in their company's ability to attract, develop and retain talent to support company priorities. We'll also go over the top trends that will shape talent demand in 2024.

Cloud Isn’t What It Used to Be

After initial adoption, CIOs are assessing their on-prem data stacks and making crucial decisions about what's next. Cloud is table stakes, but controlling cost, laying the groundwork for new migrations and rationalizing hybrid multicloud estates are critical concerns.

With experts and decision-makers on hand, CIO Dive will go over lessons learned and strategies companies can use to move into the next phase of cloud.