Innovating Emergency Medicine: Expanding Access to Quality Acute Care

Emergency departments (EDs) provide an important safety net to our communities. Expensive renovations, hiring hard-to-find specialists, and adding inpatient beds are not necessary to increase ED capacity and deliver a higher level of service. Instead today’s hospitals must explore new ways to deliver emergency care for every individual who comes through the door.

Transform the Emergency Department (ED) with Three Innovations

Innovation and transformation do not just happen. Leading hospitals are improving patient care quality and ED patient experience while relieving overcrowding with these three innovative solutions: 

  1. Telehealth: Expand service offerings by making specialists available via telehealth platforms
  2. Integrated Teams: Increase throughput efficiency by integrating emergency and hospital medicine teams
  3. Urgent and Teleurgent Care: Relieve pressure on the ED by directing patients with less severe conditions to urgent or teleurgent care services



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