The Missing Metric

How Health Plans Can Improve Risk Assessment and Quality Measures with Smartphone-Powered Kidney Testing

$37 million Americans live with chronic kidney disease (CKD), yet the majority remain undiagnosed. Although a simple urine test can provide an early warning for the disease during its asymptomatic stages, only 20% of people at risk take their annual albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR) test.

Obtained via a urine test, ACR measures kidney damage directly, provides a strong early marker of CKD, and serves as an important early risk predictor of cardiovascular disease. Yet, testing adherence remains dangerously low.

The solution lies in an innovative approach to kidney testing with a simple at-home, smartphone-powered urine test. Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why ACR is a vital missing metric
  • The health and economic impact of home testing
  • How smartphone-powered kidney testing can help raise adherence, improve risk assessment and quality metrics, and reduce the cost of care


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