Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation - Analytics to Meet New Mandates

Duration: 45 minutes

Over a decade ago FERC issued Order 1000 making major changes to how transmission providers and regional transmission organizations planned and participated in the development of new regional transmission facilities.

Since then, there have been significant advancements in renewable energy technology, the exponential growth of renewable energy capacity, and national energy policies setting emission reduction goals and encouraging large-scale investment and adoption of renewable resources.  Decarbonization has put transmission planning at the core of the Nation’s clean energy transition with FERC acknowledging the need for reform to remedy existing policy deficiencies.

FERC’s new NOPR [RM21-17] addresses reforms to regional transmission planning, regional transmission cost allocation, and Order 1000 Right of First Refusal.  It introduces several new transmission planning and cost allocation requirements while enhancing others.

The Commission believes these reforms will identify more efficient and cost-effective solutions to long-term transmission needs. This webinar explores key areas of the NOPR and the impact it could have on utilities.

The webinar also shows how HData's platform can illuminate the data needed to quickly provide transmission metrics that utilities need to inform their compliance. Compare the operational metrics of transmission lines for every FERC-regulated utility going back to 2010. Quickly slice mileage of lines or conductor material by company, supporting structure, and operating voltage.

What’s in it for me:

  • Quickly analyze the mileage and structure of transmission lines
  • Filter lines by the voltage to see a granular list along with summary metrics
  • Dive into company-specific transmission lines, and export to conduct your own custom analysis


Jon Wellinghoff
CEO, Grid Policy, Inc. 

Neil Chatterjee
Senior Advisor, Hogan Lovells 

Luke Ashton
Regulatory Economist, HData 

Jamie Saunders
Partner, CNK Solutions 



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