The US Renewable Energy Build-Out: Challenges & Solutions


Becca Jones-Albertus

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy (Acting)
Department of Energy

Ted Bloch-Rubin

Director of Business Development for the Americas
Smart Wires

Juan Casteneda

Principal Manager, Grid Technology Innovation
Southern California Edison

Rob Gramlich

Grid Strategies

Christopher Loeb

Managing Consultant
PA Consulting

Sarah Toth

Senior Associate

Bruce Tsuchida

The Brattle Group

Ethan Howland

Senior Reporter
Utility Dive

Larry Pearl

Senior Editor
Utility Dive

Diana DiGangi

Utility Dive


Renewable energy in the U.S. is rapidly expanding, but its successful integration into the electric grid faces challenges including interconnection, transmission, financing and labor needs.

Moderated by the editorial team behind the leading utility news source, each session will feature experts in the renewable energy space, including utility, vendor, consulting, and trade group leaders. Hear how policymakers, utilities and other companies are addressing these and other barriers to decarbonization. Plus, you’ll learn:

  • What are the key policy, financial and other broad challenges impacting renewables expansion in the U.S.?
  • How are grid-enhancing technologies working to increase transmission capacity and deliver more renewable energy across the country?
  • What technologies are being used to optimize the growing supply of renewables on the U.S. power system?

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Session Information

U.S. Renewables: Policy, Finance and Other Challenges

Policy, economic and other drivers are propelling an increase in renewable energy in the U.S., but obstacles include interconnection delays, financing and potential labor shortages. This session will include experts from the policy and corporate arenas to discuss these and other challenges.

Grid-Enhancing Technologies: Getting Renewables to Where They Need to Be

One of the key obstacles for renewables is insufficient transmission capacity to move renewable energy to where it needs to go. This breakout session will discuss challenges and opportunities with technologies that aim to increase the capacity of existing transmission lines. You’ll hear a lively discussion from manufacturers, users and consultants deeply involved with these technologies.

Optimizing the Growing Supply of Renewables

Once you have renewables connected to the grid and can transmit the energy to where it needs to go, how do you best integrate this growing and intermittent resource? This panel will feature key stakeholders to provide dynamic views and lessons on a number of important areas, from technology to grid operations.