The Ultimate Guide to Digital Out-of-Home 

Everything marketers need to know about the future of outdoor advertising

In today’s era of information overload, it’s essential for marketers to get their message out in an exciting, eye-catching way and to reach people who will actually benefit from seeing their content.

​This is where digital out-of-home (DOOH) comes in. This new primer for success outlines everything marketers need to know about the evolving DOOH landscape — from the medium's nuances to the benefits of programmatic technology, from audience and targeting tactics to measurement capabilities, and beyond.

The e-book covers:

  • Why the world’s leading brands are leveraging DOOH
  • The benefits of programmatic buying for out-of-home
  • A deep-dive on DOOH venue types with examples
  • Audience and targeting strategies for DOOH
  • Measurement capabilities for evaluating ROI


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