The State of Generative AI in Marketing


Hamish Campbell

VP, Executive Creative Director

Mike Proulx

VP, Research Director

Jason Alan Snyder

Global Chief Technology Officer
Momentum Worldwide

Peter Adams

Senior Reporter
Marketing Dive

Our Sponsor Cloudinary Presents:

Daniel Amitai

VP, Innovation

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Shafqat Islam

Chief Marketing Officer


It’s been just over a year since ChatGPT shook up the business world. Significant hype around generative AI quickly followed, not to mention a deluge of new business tools. This February, B2C marketers can join the editorial team at Marketing Dive to learn how to break through the noise, with real-world examples of how generative AI is being put to use. Hear key insights into what’s working, what’s not and where the tech is headed next, directly from industry experts and marketing leaders. Sessions will be moderated by Marketing Dive Senior Reporter Peter Adams, who has been covering these developments closely.

Attendees will get answers to:

  • Is anything lost when generative AI becomes part of the marketing equation?
  • Are there times to avoid the technology?
  • What will be generative AI’s biggest impact on marketing organizations?

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Session Information

How to Maintain a Human Touch Amid the Rise of AI

In this one-on-one conversation with a digital marketing analyst, we’ll delve into what is and isn't working in the marketing industry’s use of generative AI, pointing to several real-life examples. The discussion will also provide a broad look at generative AI and its impact on business and consumers so far, touching on regulatory issues, IP and societal concerns, while offering predictions for where the tech is going next.

GenAI For Visual Content: 4 Ways To Make Your Work Easier And Visual Content Better
Presented by Cloudinary

This isn't just another "AI is the future" session. Join us to learn practical ways AI can be leveraged for your visuals. Most brands have vast libraries of visual content. Why not tap into existing images and use GenAI to create new, fresh versions of them? Or change the context for which they were originally created and reuse them for new campaigns? We'll discuss four use cases you can get started today.

The Art and Science of Generative AI: Where Will the Impact Be Felt Most?

Anyone required to sift through large amounts of data will benefit from generative AI, including creatives, analysts and media planners. A panel of experts at the forefront of marketing innovation will explore the impact on different disciplines within agencies and brand-side marketing departments, including how the requirements for expertise are evolving for professional roles.

AI and Empathy: The Key Formula for Modern Marketing
Presented by Optimizely

The rise of AI technology has disrupted the marketing industry, among many others. Marketers are adopting AI tools to enhance their campaigns and gain a competitive edge. With a myriad of AI offerings, it's challenging to determine the right approach for your business and maintain an authentic human perspective. In this session, we will reveal how we integrate AI into our marketing strategy without sacrificing the human touch.