A Renewed Approach to Employee Health Benefits

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Duration: 1 hour

Employee healthcare has always been top of mind for company leaders and employees, and that has only escalated in the last two years with the additional focus on mental health and overall wellbeing. Many businesses make healthcare available to employees. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), 71% of private industry workers and 89% of state and local government employees have access to healthcare benefits. And yet, helping employees get and stay healthy is still a challenge.

The number of people diagnosed with chronic diseases, like diabetes or hypertension, continues to increase. Ensuring employees have access to healthcare to manage these conditions can be challenging when workers are dispersed or working remotely. It’s also harder to have in-office workplace wellness initiatives when the team is far flung or doesn’t work the same schedule.

Employers and employees understandably want to manage the cost of healthcare, but they also must balance the tangible and intangible benefits of being healthy . As employers look for ways to help employees achieve their best health possible, they are increasingly recognizing virtual care as a viable option. In this webinar, experts will discuss:

  • How a virtual program fills the gap in healthcare for those most in need
  • How virtual programs can help increase employee wellbeing and benefit the bottom line
  • What to look for in a virtual healthcare program


Julia Hu
CEO and Co-Founder
Lark Health

Jeff Oldham
Informed Consulting

Nathan T. Hunt
Vice President, Medical Mutual
Population Health Operations and Strategic Partnerships


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