The Reshaping of Water: 

How Innovation In Water Is Disrupting The Beverage Category

Water is becoming the leading category within beverages, encompassing all the benefits currently sought after by consumers, like health & wellness and mental wellness. These benefits are at the forefront of the consumer discourse around water, and innovation is rapidly following.

Some of the most innovative products in the water category are in enhanced waters. These products are revolutionizing the water and the beverage category as a whole. We can now see the emergence of waters infused with CBD & hemp; waters that ensure better quality of sleep, and water with activated charcoal for detox. The water wave is far from reaching its peak, as its consumption just keeps growing year over year.

Signals Analytics – the leading on-demand data analytics platform – dove into the water category to create a comprehensive white paper. This report is supported by deep insights culled from data across the water category, and includes a list of the top five innovations currently evolving in water.



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