Ro's Patient Experience Report

The COVID-19 pandemic fueled the rapid adoption of telehealth in 2020 as the need for a remote option for healthcare grew. Today, patients are continuing this trend, frequently starting their healthcare journeys online recognizing that they can receive high-quality, affordable care to address their everyday healthcare needs virtually as a complement to in-person care.

​Virtual care is now seen as essential by many patients and those in the industry, and the new industry standard for patient-centric care includes both virtual and in-person options. One of those virtual options is direct-to-patient healthcare. Direct-to-patient healthcare offers care without the prerequisite of insurance.

Ro surveyed its patients to understand their experience with direct-to-patient virtual care and how to optimize a virtual and in-person healthcare model long term.

In this report, we will answer:

  • What types of patients are seeking direct-to-patient virtual care?
  • Why do patients value direct-to-patient virtual care?
  • Why will patients continue using direct-to-patient virtual care?



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