The Future of TV Report: Connected TV and Linear TV Move Closer Together 

Consumers are telling us that connected TV (CTV) is part of their daily lives. In fact, for a large majority of American viewers streaming has become the core means of ‘watching TV’ — as 80 percent of TV viewers say they watch either subscription services, ad-supported services, or virtual MVPDs (vMVPDs) weekly or more often.

Additionally, cord-cutting is no longer a trend among the young or tech-savvy, it’s quickly becoming a norm. As a result, advertisers are taking notice, adapting their strategies to include both connected TV and traditional linear TV.

Download The Future of TV Report: Connected TV and Linear TV Move Closer Together for more insights, including:

  • Younger consumers remain firmly at the leading edge of cord-cutting, as 60 percent of adults 18-34 report they do not subscribe to traditional cable services.
  • 92 percent of advertisers view CTV ad performance as on par with — or even more effective than — linear TV.
  • 70 percent of advertisers say their top priority for 2021 TV investments is linking video investments to business outcomes.
  • 65 percent of U.S. adults 18–34 reportedly turn to streaming to get their sports fix.


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