Top 5 Customer Loyalty Tactics for a Reliable Consumer Base

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Duration: 1 hour

There is no doubt that the pandemic triggered a dramatic surge in online shopping. According to Digital Commerce 360, e-commerce in US grew by a whopping 44% in 2020. However, even before COVID-19, there was an uptick in digital shopping with e-commerce penetration hitting 15.8% in 2019, up from 14.3% in 2018 (Digital Commerce 360).  While online has brought about windfall gains for the likes of Amazon, Walmart and Apple, traditional customer loyalty in retail has been on the wane. Changes in consumer behavior – led by a number of factors such as rapid technology advancement, omni-channel and the ongoing pandemic crisis – have been more complex and difficult to gauge.

Fortunately, the combined power of Digital, Data and Domain can help organizations build customer experiences never imagined before. Customer loyalty mandates an experience that allows brands to engage with customers at the right time, on the preferred channel. In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges retailers face in retaining customers in the changed environment. We will draw upon the experience of digital, analytics and customer experience experts to learn how to build a robust foundation to boost brand loyalty.

Key discussion points:

  • Understanding the new normal in retail
  • Emphasizing the top customer experience imperatives
  • Closely looking at how Digital, Data and Domain can improve customer loyalty while providing a host of additional benefits


Van Tuan Nguyen
Managing Director and Global Head of Retail Services
MediaMarktSaturn Deutschland

Jitender Mohan
Head, Customer Interaction Services
WNS Global Services

Phillipe Mercier
Vice President - Analytics Sales, Asia Pacific


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