On-Demand Virtual Event

The Future of FedNow

Recorded April 24, 2024


Daniel Baum

Head of Payments Product for the FedNow Service
Federal Reserve

Bridget Hall

Leader of Real-Time Payments, Americas
ACI Worldwide

Matt Howarter

Senior Director of Payment Services

Rupa Krishnan

Head of Global Real-Time Payments
J.P. Morgan

Reed Luhtanen

Executive Director
Faster Payments Council

Lynne Marek

Lead Editor
Payments Dive

James Pothen

Payments Dive

Our Sponsor Modern Treasury Presents:

Bernadette Ksepka

Vice President and Deputy Head of Product Management
Federal Reserve

Our Sponsor Modern Treasury Presents:

Ani Narayan

FedNow Product Lead
Modern Treasury


The launch of the Federal Reserve’s instant payment system, FedNow, is changing the U.S. payments system. It’s now one of only two real-time payment systems in the country. But how long will it take banks to adopt the first publicly run real-time payments system and what will its best use cases be?

Join the editorial team from Payments Dive for an insightful virtual event discussing this evolving landscape. With our industry executives, we’ll delve into how banks will (or won’t) accept this change, the potential ripple effect across commerce, and whether FedNow is a payment option for merchants eager to embrace an alternative to credit cards.

During this free event, our industry professionals and journalists will address questions all payment professionals will need to know, such as:

  • How has the uptake of FedNow by banks and other market participants fared vis-à-vis industry expectations?
  • What may discourage or prompt banks to adopt FedNow this year, and how could that impact payments companies and transactions nationwide - for better or worse?
  • How could faster payments via FedNow and its rival RTP network change American commerce?

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Session Information

Fireside Chat: How FedNow Has Fared in Its First Year

Join us for an exclusive fireside chat on the journey of FedNow nearly a year since its launch. Attendees will hear directly from a Federal Reserve official, who will share his real-time payments experiences and expertise, and discuss his view of real-time payments impact on the U.S. financial landscape.

How to Prepare Your Company for FedNow
Presented by Modern Treasury

Discover the transformative potential of FedNow for corporates in this 20-minute session led by Federal Reserve VP Bernadette Ksepka and Modern Treasury’s FedNow Product Lead, Ani Narayan. We’ll explore real-world examples to illustrate how FedNow can streamline business operations and increase customer delight, including critical steps to prepare your company, from technical specifications to process integration. Additionally, we’ll cover the broader impact of instant payments on the financial ecosystem, including real-time reconciliation and the supporting technologies essential for FedNow’s success. Join us to learn how your company can excel in the fast-paced world of instant payments.

Panel Discussion: Can FedNow Transform American Commerce With Speedier Payments?

The Federal Reserve’s real-time payment initiative, FedNow, promises to change the efficiency of financial transactions across the nation. We’ll bring together a panel of industry executives, consultants and other thought leaders, all with different experiences, to explore the implications of this groundbreaking system.