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The DER Interconnection Backlog: How AI Can Speed Workflows

The power system is rapidly transforming into a more complex, bidirectional, distributed, digitized and decarbonized grid. Fossil fuel consumption is falling, thanks to affordable electrification and better energy efficiency. As distributed energy resources (DERs) in the U.S. continue to grow, utility companies are challenged to keep pace with interconnection applications, hampering decarbonization progress and negatively impacting customer satisfaction.

How is your utility managing the influx of interconnection applications?

Download the playbook to explore how automation saves time for customers and utility companies — and how to process more applications daily with the same team. Learn more about:

  • How interconnection procedures are evolving to meet DER demand.
  • How a more efficient process satisfies customers.
  • One new workflow management tool that enables zero-touch interconnection, streamlines interconnection applications and improves utility planning.