The Business Case for Budget to Pay: A Win-Win for Procurement and Finance

It’s a tough time to be a CFO right now. The looming recession — catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic — can stifle enterprise growth for the next few quarters and beyond.

Which means, CFOs need all the cash they can save internally to sustain and enable growth — and a new, more effective approach to reduce costs: Budget-to-Pay (B2P).

In a timely new white paper, The Case for Budget to Pay: A Win-Win for Procurement and Finance, GEP discusses a new approach to help CFOs achieve rapid cost reduction and save cash.

What’s Inside:

  • The difference between Budget to Pay and Source-to-Pay
  • How B2P can help achieve greater cost reduction and savings
  • The role of procurement in B2P
  • How finance and procurement can collaborate to implement B2P

It’s a must-read for finance and procurement leaders looking for effective ways to improve cash flow and take out significant costs from business spend — get your complimentary copy today.




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