Moving Pharma Forward: The Agile Imperative for Commercial Operations

COVID-19 has brought significant disruptions to the healthcare field that reinforce the long-felt need to make operations more local, flexible and nimble. In an uncertain and changing crisis environment, pharma organizations have had to monitor local ecosystems affected differently by the virus to readjust their deployment and planned activities.

No one can predict with certainty if the crisis will evolve market-by-market, or whether it will return in waves. However, it’s likely that the many changes to the healthcare system, and by extension the pharma model, are here to stay. So how does pharma move forward during a time of uncertainty? 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Three core capabilities in which organizations should invest to succeed during these changes
  • How pharma organizations can make operations more local and flexible
  • ​Enablement tactics to help field representatives become more adaptive




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