The 21st Century Social Circle

Here at Sideqik, we surveyed social media users to find out how much they care about the opinions of the influencers that they follow when they make purchasing decisions. The result: we discovered that to many people, influencers are more than just talking heads promoting a product. Most consumers think of the influencers they follow as an extended part of their friend group.

Recommendations from influencers and friends on social media have become an increasingly important marketing strategy alongside traditional advertising. From Facebook to Instagram, from Youtube to Tiktok, every social media platform serves a different function for the modern consumer socially and a different advertising opportunity for your business.

In this ebook, you'll learn more about the impact of influencers on the average consumer's purchasing decisions, along with insights into what factors lead to more success in influencer marketing in the modern digital landscape. You'll also discover what consumers want the most from their influencers’ recommendations, what they expect in exchange for following an influencer, and how to leverage that information into long-term success.



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