Assessing poor soil conditions and developing effective stabilization solutions

Almost every contractor has faced this problem: you’re ready to go to work, but you can’t get onto the site because of poor site conditions or bad weather. The site is wet and sloppy, so you can’t start the job. Equipment and manpower downtime is costing you time and money while you wait for the site to dry. The result – additional costs and scheduling problems, especially if your equipment is needed elsewhere.
This webinar will review options for addressing unsuitable soils during construction. We’ll start with a discussion of methods for assessing the condition of the subgrade, which is essential to evaluating potential solutions. Then we’ll move on to methods for stabilizing soft soils, including both conventional and innovative approaches. The webinar should prove beneficial for anyone involved in site development and earthwork who needs to make decisions about how to deal with weak and saturated soils that are unsuitable for construction.



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