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Sustaining Engagement in a Tough Market

Identity of HR 2024


Verlinda Cotton DiMarino

VP, Head of Benefits
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Toni Fritz

VP, People Total Rewards

Misty Gaither


Kristy Lilas

Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Donnebra McClendon

Global Head of DEI

Jen Priem

Senior Principal, Research

Diana Scott

Leader, U.S. Human Capital Center
The Conference Board

Caroline Colvin

HR Dive

Ryan Golden

Senior Reporter
HR Dive

Kathryn Moody

Senior Editor
HR Dive

Our Sponsor The Predictive Index Presents:

Berta Aldrich

Berta Aldrich Consulting

Our Sponsor The Predictive Index Presents:

Matt Poepsel, PhD

Godfather, Talent Optimization
The Predictive Index


Employers say employee satisfaction is a top goal going into 2024 — but employer optimism around retention has waned, just as reports indicate that employee experience might be on the chopping block. HR teams must once again find ways to manage the balancing act.

To highlight solutions, HR Dive had more than 400 HR professionals weigh in on engagement and employee experience investment in its Identity of HR 2024 survey. In this virtual event, join the HR Dive editorial team and panels of industry experts to hear about these findings, see how other leaders are tackling core issues, and find strategies to approach 2024’s biggest questions.

You can expect to learn:

  • How to sustain engagement in the workforce even with fewer resources
  • Whether the role of benefits has changed in driving retention
  • The place of diversity, equity and inclusion amid ongoing political pushback
  • And more from our newsroom and expert panelists

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Session Information

Strategies To Drive and Sustain Engagement in Your Workforce

Surveys and experts say that engagement is dropping, all while anxiety ratchets up amid layoffs. Some research suggests employers will reduce their focus on employee experience in the coming months. What can employers do, especially if pressed with lower budgets? Our panelists will discuss prime strategies and challenges to look out for as HR leaders navigate 2024 and beyond.

HR Leadership and the Future of Work
Presented by The Predictive Index

Matt and Berta share the powerful forces that promise to re-shape our workplaces in the coming years and what HR leaders can do today to prepare. Executives and managers are already struggling to keep pace. Without strong support from HR, how will they avoid being left behind?

How Listening to Your Employees Can Inform Benefits Strategy

Studies show that one of the best ways to keep workers engaged is by listening to them — and acting on what they say. Hear from our panelists on to find out what it is employees really want from their benefits and how it can play a key part in your employee experience strategy.

How To Get DEI Buy-in From the C-Suite Amid National Pushback

A strong sense of inclusion and belonging can keep employees engaged and interested. But how can leaders obtain funding and buy-in for DEI amid tough economic times and political pushback? In this session, our panelists will discuss what leaders can do to maintain DEI efforts and catch the ear of the C-suite.