How to Supercharge Real World Evidence Generation in Phase IV Trials

Duration: 55 minutes

​It’s no secret that Phase 4 trials are incredibly time consuming, costly, and pose major challenges for sponsors and CROs alike. Whether it’s Long Term Follow Up (LTFU), Rollover, and Observational studies, or Registry and Consumer Health studies, sponsors often struggle to recruit and retain large numbers of participants. They also have difficulties addressing post-marketing commitments to assess long term drug safety and efficacy.
For a fraction of the cost, digital trial solutions (e.g., eConsent, eCOA, TeleVisit, Connected Sensors) combined with Real World Data (RWD) can solve traditional Phase 4 trial challenges while capturing the critical endpoint data needed for LTFU studies and informing future protocol designs and trial efficiencies.
In this webcast, Leader of TA Solutions at Medable, Musaddiq Khan, is joined by VP of Transformational Design at Syneos Health, Robert Zambon, CEO of Pluto Health, Joy Bhosai, and VP of Growth at Medable, Sam Bavery, to discuss how they have partnered to deploy patient-first digital trial solutions that leverage RWD, transforming it into actionable RWE insights for a sponsor client.
Through this webcast, you will learn how to optimize digital trial solutions in Phase 4 and LTFU studies by:

  • Transforming RWD into actionable RWE insights that inform future trials
  • Improving patient safety with remote monitoring and real-time data access
  • Boosting patient engagement and retention to drive higher quality data capture
  • Leveraging similar study characteristics to standardize study build and accelerate deployment


Musaddiq Khan
VP, TA Solutions Leader

Sam Bavery
VP Growth & Strategy

Joy Bhosai
Pluto Health

Robert Zambon
VP, Transformational Design & Strategic Partnerships
Syneos Health



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