5 Ways Retailers Can Supercharge Their
B2B Payments Strategy

Duration: 1 hour

Savvy retailers understand that diving into B2B eCommerce can give their sales and average order value (AOV) a serious boost. In fact, the B2B market is expected to be three times bigger than the B2C eCommerce market by 2028. But here's the catch: To capitalize on that growth, you've got to get payments and invoicing right.

The modern business buyer expects B2B-targeted payment choices and a fast and frictionless omnichannel experience. In other words, payments must be part of every merchant’s strategic plan, whether you’re in finance, sales, or tech.

TreviPay, a global B2B payments and invoicing network, is here to help merchants accelerate their B2B sales no matter where they are in their payments journey. Listen in as TreviPay’s Chief Marketing Officer Allen Bonde and Chief Commercial Officer Martha Salinas discuss 5 ways retailers can supercharge their B2B payments strategy with special guest Lily Varon, Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Key Topics:  

  • Creating a Business Case. Payments are more than a cost center. Leading retailers are unlocking customer loyalty and helping open new markets by elevating payments to a strategic level.
  • Revisiting the Customer Journey. Omnichannel means we’re no longer in an online/offline world. As purchase journeys move from linear to meandering, merchants must fully realize the role of payments.
  • Leveraging B2C Best Practices. Where once digital payments revolutionized business, business is now revolutionizing payments. Look to borrow best practices from B2C for near-term efficiency plays that capture a slice of the (much) larger B2B pie.
Allen Bonde
Chief Marketing Officer

Martha Salinas
Chief Commercial Officer

Lily Varon
Principal Analyst



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