Simplifying Your Infrastructure Through Modernization

Duration: 30 minutes

Businesses are shifting to modernize their infrastructure. While cost, productivity, and flexibility are often top reasons, security concerns can also drive the change. With thousands of endpoints to protect, IT teams struggle to effectively secure the infrastructure and data.  However, many companies mistakenly assume they need to upgrade to a more complex infrastructure. Instead, the key to building a streamlined network that is as secure as possible starts with simplification. Businesses looking to modernize should focus on simplifying in two areas: network and processes. 

Simplifying the network design starts with using a single private internet connection. By removing separate internet access at each endpoint, security risks are reduced, and performance is improved. Instead of cyber criminals having multiple avenues to access the network, the IT team must only secure a single point. To simplify network administration and management, organizations are increasingly turning to managed services. When IT is freed of managing equipment, they can focus on building applications and enabling digital transformation. At the same time, the organization benefits from having highly experienced professionals and top experts in specific aspects of IT as part of their managed services team.

So how should companies start their journey towards modernization? Join Frontier and CIO Dive as they discuss what you need to know to modernize your IT department. You’ll learn:

  • The correlation between modern and simple
  • How a simple network design improves reliability and reduces risk
  • The role of managed services in modernization
  • Best practices when modernizing your networks through simplification



Chris Faticoni
Director of Product Management
Frontier Communications

Chris LaCour
Propio Language Services

Opening remarks by:

Ettienne Brandt
Executive Vice President - Business,
Frontier Communications


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