Security and Compliance in the Cloud: What Global Organizations Need to Consider in 2022 and Beyond

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Duration: 1 hour

2020 was a year of far-reaching disruption across nearly all industries around the world. Today, the lingering economic aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt as companies accelerate digital transformation initiatives, adopt remote working practices, and embrace innovation on an ever-larger scale. At the same time, risk managers and compliance officers have confronted an alarming uptick in cybercriminal activity. In the face of these overlapping shifts, regulators are focusing more closely on safeguarding organizations’ operational resilience as well as on consumer protection, and data privacy regulations are becoming more stringent while being more strictly enforced. As a result, navigating regulatory compliance has become more challenging, especially for multinational organizations with a global workforce. Modernizing and automating business processes, particularly those, such as global payroll, which have traditionally been manual, will be key for meeting these demands.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Strategies for achieving and maintaining compliance and cyber resilience in today’s complex regulatory climate
  • The benefits of working with a global cloud provider whose solutions were engineered to meet the most demanding security, compliance and performance requirements
  • Which business processes to prioritize when considering modernization, and why eliminating manual processes is critical 
  • Why global payroll is a key example of the sort of manual business process that should be modernized and automated first



David Quirke

Mark Schwartz
Enterprise Strategist


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