Securing a Connected / IoT Medical Device 

A guide for medical device manufacturers and medical professionals

IoT devices provide many benefits for different industries and stakeholders. In healthcare, there are cost savings for the device manufacturer and real time monitoring for healthcare professionals that result in better patient outcomes, lower provider costs, and better efficiencies of resources. However, risks associated with connecting medical devices to the Internet can expose healthcare providers, patients, and their families to a wide variety of poor outcomes. Despite the increased attack surfaces that connected devices bring, there are ways to reduce risk, and ensure patient, provider, and device security which will be addressed in this guide.

  • What is a connected medical device and what are the benefits?
  • What are the key concerns or risks of connected medical devices?
  • Examples of IoT medical devices
  • Who is responsible for security?
  • Common security challenges
  • Secure Connected / IoT Medical Devices, secure communications, secure software updates



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