Using Technology to Improve Risk Management in Construction

The construction industry is experiencing an explosion of new technology for the jobsite, which carries the promise of helping contractors improve their projects by addressing various project risks.

Dodge Data & Analytics’ Using Technology to Improve Risk Management in Construction SmartMarket Insight, in partnership with Triax Technologies, is based on two studies that examine the implications of emerging technology for risk management: a quantitative study with contractors to investigate how they manage risk and their assessment of emerging technologies, as well as a qualitative study conducted with insurers to share their insights on the current state of the construction industry in regard to using data and new technologies to mitigate risk.

Download this report to uncover key findings, including: 

  • How contractors measure a project's overall risk performance
  • The potential of IoT to control occupational and financial risks
  • Top motivators for IoT adoption, including lowering insurance premiums
  • Budgetary challenges to tech adoption



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