Rethinking Patient Centricity in a Dynamic Market Access Driven Ecosystem

Gaining and sustaining market access requires deep knowledge of key stakeholder value. It also requires that we deliver on outcomes and align capabilities, such as supply chain operations, to achieve optimal market access. As the industry moves to a patient-centric, value-based care model, 'patient centricity' is all the rage in today's healthcare conversation. Stakeholders across the continuum of care are focused on creating systems and solutions that put the patient at the forefront of decision making. While their intent is clear, putting this into practice can be extremely difficult.

Research by Health Strategies Insights by EVERSANA in May 2019 provided insight that most stakeholders implementing population health initiatives believe that improving patient health and decreasing costs are interwoven. Though patient satisfaction is key to population health, outcomes of population health efforts do not usually depend on such measures.

By mapping the patient journey at a local level, we can identify the inflection points where stakeholders can act to positively impact outcomes at a macro level by accepting the following as imperatives:

  1. Embrace the principle that 'all healthcare is local'
  2. Create a culture of mutual accountability between patients and providers
  3. Use technology in smarter ways
  4. Engage a specialty and direct-to-patient distribution service

In this paper, we dive deeper into these inflection points and their impact on market access.



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