Take control of your health benefits spend and say goodbye to costly renewals and turnover for your restaurant

Duration: 23 minutes

It’s never been harder to be in the restaurant business. For starters, 62% of restaurants do not have enough employees to meet demand. Feeling short staffed affects operations and productivity, and the turnover rate of 74.5% annually further compounds this problem.

For those restaurants that do offer health benefits to boost their recruitment and retention, it’s cost prohibitive, uncontrollable and doesn’t play well with the variety of employee types that comprise a restaurant workforce. This doesn’t come as a surprise, with 2024 healthcare costs taking their biggest jump in years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

If you’re like many restaurant management leaders, each year you stand powerless as your group health insurance delivers another high renewal. Double digit increases year over year aren’t sustainable for any company no matter the size, so many restaurants begin to increase employee contributions, switch to less comprehensive options, or raise deductibles—hardly the consumer-friendly solution we would hope for. For years, restaurant leadership have asked why they can’t just give a stipend to employees and have them buy their own health insurance. Now they can.

In this session, learn about a new benefits trend that’s delivering cost control and flexibility to the food services industry and choice and personalization to its employees.

Key takeaways

  • Learn why the restaurant industry is leading a new benefits trend built on cost control and choice
  • Learn how ICHRAs work 
  • Hear real life stories from other restaurateurs on cost savings switching from group insurance 
  • Determine if your restaurant is a fit for ICHRA


Kyle Estep
SVP, Partnerships and Policy
Take Command


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