Quantifying the Value of Snapchat Advertising

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Investment in Snapchat

Filters, lenses, Snap ads and story ads. Snapchat affords brands the opportunity to connect with consumers in the most innovative of ways. But the app’s unique platform, multiple ad formats and constant innovation can present challenges for first-time advertisers.

So how can marketers get the most out of their investment in Snap?

Gaining insight into Snap performance is critical in an era in which advertisers face constant pressure to prove ROI. As an inaugural Snap MMM partner since August 2017, Nielsen has been at the forefront of incorporating marketing activity data from Snap into marketing mix models for advertisers.

Download this complimentary Quantifying the Value of Snapchat Advertising ebook to get insights and best practices for measuring the impact of Snap advertising directly from Snap and Nielsen. You’ll discover:

  • The unique nuances and challenges of Snapchat advertising

  • Four best practices for measuring Snap advertising with marketing mix modeling

  • Results from a Snap marketing mix modeling study in a leading consumer category

  • Seven insider recommendations for marketers advertising on Snapchat



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