Behind the Curtain: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Construction Round Table Discussion

Listen in as five AEC industry experts discuss the present and future applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and big data throughout the construction project lifecycle.

Topics covered:

  • Specific AEC applications for AI and ML technology
  • Data standardization for AI and ML to work more effectively and accurately
  • Evaluate what drives change and how to leverage data to better understand where to focus innovation.

“A lot of times we think about how AI or machine learning is going to help us move faster through the production… I think the real opportunity with machine learning is to help us identify which components (and the way they're installed) can help us ensure the longevity of the designs we've created.”

Mark Decker - Director of VDC at Jacobsen Construction
Joe Williams - VP Global Industry Insight at Bluebeam
Brandon Lacourciere - Leads SME AEC team at Autodesk
Nathan Wood - Chief Enabling Officer with SpectrumAEC and Executive Officer of the Construction Progress Coalition

Satyam Verma - Partnerships at Pype




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