Collaboration through Connection: Solving the Challenges of Interoperability

Is System Interoperability a challenge at your organization?

Owners, architects, engineers and specialty contractors frequently find themselves required to work inside a common data environment or platform specified by the project’s prime or general contractor. While this helps to centralize data and content for the entire project, the platform does not help these organizations drive process and efficiency within their own operations requiring them to log and track content internally in a second location. This lack of interoperability, both inside and outside the organization creates extra work and drives inefficiency. 
Check out the podcast, featuring ProjectReady’s CEO, Joseph Giegerich & COO, Kelly Doyle as they talk about system interoperability challenges in the AEC and how improving user experience through connected cloud systems helps firms become more effective and efficient.
In this complimentary podcast and blog from ProjectReady learn:

  • Internal and External Challenges of Interoperability in the AEC
  • AEC cloud technology and what that means to the enterprise
  • How to drive interoperability through user experience & a connected cloud
  • The importance of user experience for end-user adoption
  • How ProjectReady drives Interoperability with Collaboration through Connection and the use of systems you already own


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