Digital tools can open doors

Technology’s evolution has presented us with an opportunity—to build a 21st century learning space. While there are challenges to seizing that opportunity, making digital tools a part of your curriculum means opening doors for your students’ lifelong education.
The opportunities for growth with digital tech are limitless—from allowing students with different skill levels to approach assignments at different speeds, to integrating videos and interactive media into your lesson plans. But difficulties in implementation and misconceptions about its effectiveness still exist. Aren’t digital lessons just multiple choice? How can your students focus on a computer screen, versus a physical textbook? Will this actually affect student grades?
In this ebook, you’ll hear from higher ed educators who have transformed their syllabi for the modern age. By using digital technology in their classrooms, they’ve opened doors and increased their students’ scores across the board. Read their stories to learn how to circumvent the pitfalls they faced and reap the benefits they found by bringing their classrooms into the digital age.



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