Solution Overview: 

How to Build Smarter, Safer Infrastructure with Lidar

Intelligent transportation systems are only as effective as the underlying data they receive. Sensing technologies need to reliably perform, scale economically, and address the changing needs of all road users and all forms of transportation.

​This is where Ouster lidar comes in.

In this solution overview, you’ll learn:

  • Capabilities of Ouster lidar, including detection and identification of vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and specific traffic incidents like a wrong-way driver
  • How Ouster lidar easily integrates with existing traffic systems to enable advanced operations, including traffic light optimization and V2X
  • How Ouster lidar stacks up against cameras, radar, and loops
  • Why transportation leaders are choosing Ouster lidar

Transform your city's infrastructure today with the most versatile and reliable lidar solution for ITS.



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