A Six-Step Guide to Revamping Your Dock's Operational Efficiency

Trucks are waiting longer and longer to pick up and unload. It’s been a big problem for a long time now, and it’s only getting worse. Truck drivers are generally paid by the mile, being stuck in a warehouse yard for hours is a killer for their ability to generate income. Detention fees can help ease the pain somewhat for the truckers, but it is causing chaos for the warehouses.

​Truckers charging detention fees not only increases operational expenses for warehouses but also causes dock congestion, which can result in staffing issues. The uncertainty of truck arrival times means having to ensure staff coverage to handle worst-case scenarios. This usually involves paying staff overtime and overworking them, adding even more expenses to warehouse operations.

It’s clear that trucks having to wait to load or unload is a serious problem affecting the warehouse’s dock operational efficiency, but help is here.

A Six-Step Guide to Revamping Your Dock’s Operational Efficiency

In this FREE guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to maximize dock efficiency by building predictability.
  • The secrets to controlling carrier chaos.
  • Why enforcing and tracking your warehouse schedule is crucial to streamlining operations.

Includes a six-step checklist, personalized planner, and more!


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