Ultimate Guide to Active Learning Spaces in Higher Education

Are you developing innovative new learning spaces on your campus? Or perhaps your current active learning classrooms are in desperate need of a refresh.

Either way, you’ll want to read this new active learning eBook. It draws on the experiences of postsecondary educators who are creating new kinds of campus spaces, built on the conviction that deep learning comes from doing, not passively consuming. These spaces support professors and instructors who are shifting focus to their students, and in doing so helping them develop skills that are harder to come by in traditional classroom environments.

In this free eBook, you’ll find:

  • Reasons universities and colleges like yours are investing in active learning spaces
  • Essential questions to ask as you create or update learning spaces on your campus
  • A checklist of ingredients every learning space needs
  • Sample warm-up activities and active learning approaches to try with students
  • Stories from other institutions leading the way with their innovative spaces

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