A new approach to planning – industry experts weigh in

The nature of managing a business on a global scale is undergoing fundamental change, driven by the expectations of the consumer, and it’s up to the world’s supply chains to keep up. The slow, siloed, sequential planning techniques of the past are no match for today’s fast-paced reality.
That’s why it’s time to rethink supply chain planning and look to a different approach. We call it concurrent planning.
In this guide, supply chain industry experts take a deeper dive into this technique, covering topics such as:

  • Why concurrency is essential for today’s complex global networks
  • What concurrent planning is and the technology powering it
  • How a leading components supplier is leveraging concurrency for exceptional results
  • Four steps to enabling concurrent planning in your organization
  • Looking ahead: Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to supply chains
  • And more



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