Delivering Breakthrough Improvements Through Zero Loss Thinking 

Many executives seek performance improvement but rely on flawed approaches to establish performance targets. By analyzing hard data related to wasted time, effort, and material, Zero Loss Thinking offers executives an improved strategic approach to achieving improvement throughout their organizations, from production to front office.

This eBook outlines how Zero Loss Thinking transforms losses into gains and compares current performance versus a theoretical perfect state. See how Zero Loss Thinking clears away the often-contrasting opinions in a company of what to fix and when to fix it and focuses improvement efforts by establishing a common language, framework, and action plan for all individual improvements within an organization.

By utilizing a zero-loss analysis of operations for prioritizing opportunities, allocating time and resources, attacking losses, a food & beverage manufacturer was able to:

  • Reduce waste 31%
  • Improve productivity 28%
  • Reduce equipment changeover times 64%

​A multibillion dollar packaging-products manufacturer achieved a 15-to-1 return on investment with Performance Solutions by Milliken, driven by:

  • Breakdown performance improvements of 60 to 70%
  • Minor stops reduced by 50 to 60%
  • Waste reduced by 80%
  • ​Equipment changeover times reduced by 50 to 60%.


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