Handbook on Customer Data Platforms for Restaurants

Whether your objective this year is personalized customer engagement, or combining offline and online customer data to understand their preferences better, the foundational step is a CDP, that does the heavy lifting.

CDPs have become highly relevant today for multiple reasons. It is the non-negotiable starting point to drive customer-centric growth.

Once this organization-wide asset is in place, marketers can easily access the data, deploy analytics and run omnichannel campaigns with ease. A QSR ready customer marketing platform is a must in such a high repeat purchase business. We often call it CDP++

In this handbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess if you should get a CDP 
  • Four ways of measuring ROI from a CDP++
  • How is a CDP different from other marketing platforms
  • How a global QSR chain achieved incremental sales with single view of customer and omnichannel marketing



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