Male Mental Health:
Why It Matters in the Workplace

According to the Office of National Statistics in the UK, more than 1,400 construction workers committed suicide between 2011 and 2015, singling it out as the leading industry for workers who take their own lives. In 2016 alone, 450 workers in construction killed themselves, making the rate three times the national average for men. Put another way, that’s more than one suicide per day for a single industry. 

Sustainability in supply chains means protecting the workforce from harm, but not every organization knows how to identify these risks, especially when they aren’t visible in the traditional sense, like when it comes to mental health. 

This whitepaper will explore why male mental health is a critical issue in traditionally male-dominated industrial environments around the world and the steps organizations can take to address these issues.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How stereotypes have played a role in current mental health problems in male-dominated workplaces
  • Why it is important to be aware of the mental health issues within an organization
  • How employers can address male mental health


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