Innovative Therapies Call for an Integrated Drug Safety and Compliance Model

From emerging therapies to innovative technologies, the healthcare industry is changing – demanding that we do business differently. Working in one of the most regulated industries, we need to understand the complexities of developing products/services that meet patient needs and help improve the health and safety of the public. As the global environment evolves, so must our models for pharmacovigilance and medical communications.

Our number one priority is patient safety and ensuring the safe use of medications by patients. In order to do this we need to understand that pharmacovigilance and medical communications are not isolated services to be employed at a specific point in the development process. Both are part of a larger ecosystem of solutions designed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of therapies and the accurate flow of information and communication with the key stakeholders.

Here are a few global areas of focus where integration could help increase knowledge and improve outcomes:

  • Earlier Clinical Trial Involvement
  • Drug Safety Database
  • Unified Regulatory Guidelines
  • Emerging Technology

Improving the future of drug safety and compliance requires more than just reporting adverse events and contact centers. Real-world success requires an integrated approach to providing value across a product's lifecycle.  


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