Increase Your Speed to Market Commercial Strategies for a Successful Product Launch

With the launch of new blockbuster drugs becoming less frequent, there is increased scrutiny on the importance and success of clinical trials, mandatory to determining the safety and efficacy of a developing product. The road to commercialization is daunting – the process of bringing a product to market is long and the failure rate high, ultimately impacting the price of products that do make it to market.

To succeed in today’s market, companies need to mine the value that can be found in the time and insights created between post-clinical and pre-commercialization. Do this by:

  • Building relationships with patients and gathering behavioral data early, then embrace innovative digital technology to find and engage patients
  • Demonstrating value by adding health economics outcomes research earlier in the clinical development process to garner better evidence to support pricing arguments
  • Planning for the delivery of integrated patient services that include comprehensive HUB, specialty pharmacy, and distribution strategies much earlier in the development process
  • Mitigating risk and ensuring product safety and efficacy with integrated pharmacovigilance that spans the clinical/commercial divide
  • Preplanning medical communication strategies to formulate better results from the quality data gathered in order to achieve better product claims and provide ongoing support and​ assurance to patients and caregivers


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