Virtual Event

Identity of HR 2023

The Profession Enters a New Era

Tuesday, July 18 | 2 - 3:15 PM ET


Ryan Golden

Senior Reporter
HR Dive

Kathryn Moody

Senior Editor
HR Dive

Ginger Christ

HR Dive

Trevor Bogan

Regional Director-Americas
Top Employers Institute

Matthew Owenby


Dave Barnett

DeVry University

Crystal Styron

Senior Principal Research


Each year, HR Dive conducts a survey that leaders rely on for an industry pulse check. This year, HR pros painted a picture of a profession moving into a new era. As COVID commands less attention from employers and hiring efforts cool, HR pros say they’re focused on maximizing value within budgetary constraints.

Join the editorial team at HR Dive for a webinar, alongside a panel of experts, to hear more about our findings and practical advice around your pain points. You’ll learn:

  • How HR pros can demonstrate their value to leadership
  • Whether D&I should be an in-house function
  • Why employers may want to make “financial stability” part of their employee value propositions

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Session Information

‘Be the Pioneer’: How HR Pros Can Demonstrate Value to Leadership

HR pros say they’re losing ground with leadership. How can those in the field demonstrate their value? To reverse course, HR must take strategic risks and blaze new trails at work, experts say. Our panelists will discuss opportunities to do just that and how HR pros can make those efforts clear to company leaders.

Session 1 | Bringing D&I Operations In-House as Consultant Spending Declines

Employer spend on third-party diversity and inclusion help is down, HR pros report. In some cases, that work is moving in house. Panelists will discuss the pros and cons of that move, and how employers can work to ensure those responsible for D&I don’t burn out.

Session 2 | Beyond Pay: Using Financial Stability to Draw Talent

As employees grapple with inflation, long-term financial wellness is suffering. Panelists in this session will discuss ways employers can help, and how they can use those offerings to communicate financial stability to prospective employees.