How Finance Leaders Forecast Optimistically Yet Realistically in 2021

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Duration: 1 hour

​Following the passage of relief legislation in the U.S., and amid an accelerated rollout of vaccines worldwide, finance leaders have a compelling case for planning for their companies' growth and not only survival. But optimism does not eliminate uncertainty nor does it entail a return to pre-pandemic approaches to forecasting. Under the guidance of finance leaders, the companies that will emerge among the most sound in 2021 are those that can chart a course for growth yet find alternate routes to arrive at their destinations.

An essential skill finance leaders have developed in response to the pandemic is recognizing when their companies need to adapt quickly to sudden, unanticipated developments, and when they need to frame decisions in the context of long-term plans. By attending this webinar, you will learn how finance leaders can forecast effectively during and beyond the pandemic, including:

  • How to collaborate with colleagues outside finance on gathering data, as well as validating analysis, that informs forecasts
  • Why finance leaders need to replace a single-scenario approach to forecasting with a more robust approach that factors in a variety of possible outcomes
  • Which technological advances support new requirements for forecasting, including the ability to develop rolling forecasts that reflect multiple scenarios
  • How to improve the accuracy of your forecasts while maintaining the integrity of your company's goals


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Sean Mullane
Director, Enterprise Performance Management
The Hackett Group

Anthony Relvas
Director, EPM Transformation
The Hackett Group

Joe Fleischer
CFO Channel Editorial Director, studioID - Industry Dive

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