How digitally shopping together can raise conversion by 400%

eCommerce was built for individuals, but shopping is driven by human interaction & emotion. Joyned lets your shoppers invite their friends to your website, meet them and interact, LIVE, on-site. It only takes 3 steps:

  • Shoppers create a shareable shopping list.
    • Customers add all the items they are thinking of purchasing to their list.
  • They invite friends to shop together LIVE – onsite.
    • Shoppers can invite friends to their shopping session to comment & discuss the choices. They can even offer new items to look at!
  • Shoppers make faster buying decisions.
    • Friends shopping & interacting with friends in real-time make faster purchase decisions.

Download this case study to learn how more than half a million worldwide users have experienced the joy & fun of social shopping via Joyned — and how retailers have reaped the rewards.

The effect on partners:

  • Conversion Rate +400%
  • Retention Rate +250%
  • Organic Traffic increases +38%

Download now to learn more.



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