How Customized Patient-Support Drives Adherence for Rare Disease Patients

The path to therapy for rare-disease patients is often a long road. By the time a patient is finally diagnosed, they have likely already had numerous diagnoses ruled out, experienced unexplained symptoms and visited many doctors. They are likely relieved to finally have a diagnosis but overwhelmed at the implications for themselves and their family.

By focusing on anticipating the patient’s needs and delivering a consistent, compassionate experience, biopharmaceutical companies can streamline access to therapy and foster a relationship at every step in the patient journey. 

In this case study, we dive into the fundamental strategy behind launching one of the most anticipated rare disease therapies and the personalized program designed to manage a complex care regimen with thoughtful patient-support services. Discover how to: 

  • Design a patient support program that streamlines access to therapy
  • Think outside the walls of the hospital, helping patients locate alternative sites of care
  • Implement compassionate coaching for patients and their caregivers
  • Anticipate the future of care and the needs of the patient



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