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How Builders Can Thrive Amid the U.S. Manufacturing Boom


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The federal push to revive American onshoring has led to over $649 billion in private company investment since the $52 billion CHIPS Act was signed into law in August 2022. The multibillion-dollar manufacturing jobs under way across the country range from biotechnology facilities and chip fabrication plants to electric vehicle battery factories and clean energy projects. Join the editorial team at Construction Dive for an in-depth look at what the booming manufacturing sector means for contractors of all sizes, and how long it can last.

Moderated by our journalists, attendees will get to hear two sessions that will delve into how contractors across the country can benefit from this surge in domestic manufacturing work, and what you need to know to stay compliant with the special considerations that go into building these facilities.

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  • How to find and land manufacturing project jobs.
  • What owners want in a contractor or subcontractor.
  • Where the investment and the work is actually going, and what that means for the industry.
  • The special challenges and regulations that must be considered to stay compliant.
  • What the “halo effect” is and how it will create other types of construction work.

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Session Information

Landing the Job: Insights From the Field

For contractors looking to capitalize on the onshoring boom, there are ways to parlay past expertise into the knowledge base necessary to build these plants.

General contractors looking to get into this line of work need to invest in their people and the institutional infrastructure necessary to shift from other project types to these specialized facilities. Nimble contractors should be able to reap the rewards from what promises to be a burgeoning domestic market for years to come.

Staying Compliant: Lessons for a New Era

Manufacturing megaprojects require special building techniques and entail unique challenges including supply chain issues, sophisticated electrical work and the need for “clean spaces″ that differ from typical construction projects. Others carry additional union labor mandates.

Those funded with public money must also meet a range of regulations including Buy America and Davis-Bacon.

Attend this session to find out more about how contractors and subs can navigate the unique specs these projects demand.