How AI Can Prepare CPG Brands During COVID-19 and Beyond

Imagine having clear evidence on what consumers really want during this crisis and beyond. Imagine tapping into a wide range of external sources like blog posts, product reviews and patents, then extracting relevant insights for your business decisions.

The most effective way to do this is to use AI in advanced analytics.

This new white paper “Under the Hood” from Signals Analytics gives you an exclusive look into how AI works to power its advanced analytics platform and uncover trends and predictive insights.

  • Go through the data journey from data collection to predictive insights
  • Understand the level of engineering required to continually connect countless, unstructured data sources 
  • Learn how NLP parse difficult syntax, like “Let’s eat, grandma” versus “Let’s eat grandma”
  • Discover how to optimize product clustering, sentiment extraction and predictive analytics by combining a wide range of AI and Machine Learning techniques
  • Uncover the power of a configurable data platform that leverages a vast, existing data lake to deliver granular insights

Find out what it means to combine the quality of market research with the scale and speed of AI. Download the White Paper to learn more.


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