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Sarah Carroll

Vice President

Darryl Gibbings-Isaac, MD

Principal Director in Accenture’s Health Strategy Practice

Tom Kiesau

Chief Innovation Officer 

Chris McGhee

Current Health

Emily Olsen

Healthcare Dive

Becca Pifer

Senior Reporter
Healthcare Dive


Join our journalists at Healthcare Dive as we explore the current and future state of hospital-at-home programs, which have soared in popularity during the pandemic but face thorny questions about long-term sustainability.

During this program, alongside a panel of experts, we'll discuss:

  • Why more hospitals are looking to provide acute-level care in patients’ homes
  • Biggest roadblocks to implementation
  • The pros and cons of big tech partnerships
  • Pending regulatory changes

We’ll be joined by some of the biggest names and operators in hospital-at-home today, along with regulatory experts and other thought leaders, to flesh out the future of hospital-at-home.

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Session Information

Fireside chat: The role of technology in hospital-at-home

Join us to hear from a tech insider on the pros and cons of linking with companies like Google and Best Buy that are active in this space. Why are tech companies interested here? What’s in it for them? How do patients benefit?

Panel: The future of hospital-at-home

CMS expanded Medicare flexibilities to pay for hospital-at-home during the pandemic. The long-term sustainability of such policies are a huge question mark hanging over the programs’ durability after COVID-19 is truly behind us. How will hospital-at-home programs handle the regulatory uncertainty? Will CMS enshrine the higher payments, as some lawmakers and industry wants? How will the programs evolve moving forward to address patient’s shifting care needs and rising demand as the population ages?