Capture, interpret, and act on data in real-time

7 Ways a Data First Approach Provides an Advantage Over Form Filler Technology

In today’s digital age - handwritten notes and documentation simply don’t cut it. Spending hours (sometimes days) sorting through old field notebooks, hoping to find a fact that will help communicate an issue, reverse a claim or lend insight into another project gets incredibly tiresome - incredibly quickly.

Enter Headlight. 

Through the use of photos, we enable you to more easily communicate about and document the job site in real-time. Our platform enables you to add notes and easily categorize photos and data from the job site — making it quick and easy to find a note from a specific project, on a specific day, or even a specific hour - at any point in time. After all, data is meaningless unless you can find it and use it.

Thousands of infrastructure construction projects are leveraging the power of our photo-based inspection technology to unlock insights and improve their team’s communication and bottom lines, from a project’s start to finish. Learn how.



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