How DPR’s Connected Job Site is Helping Them Make “Bullet Smart” Decisions

Get an exclusive inside look into how DPR is managing their safety moving from paper (and loaded file cabinets) to a digital platform.

With hefty goals like being considered “one of the most admired companies,” to “being known for the safest contactor,” DPR has invested into a digital solution to help people get home safe everyday. This investment has taken time and valuable input to not only choose the right technology, but to implement it across all job sites nationwide.


In this video you can walk through DPR’s journey with Safety Leader, Joe Garza, as he explains their three part process of changing the way they manage safety and why choosing the right technology partner can make or break your success.

Learn their process and why they focus on these big three fundamentals:

  • Engagement
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency

If your promise to your teams is to get home safe, this video is a “must watch”.



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