Options for Pallet, Case, or Piece Picking for Grocery Fulfillment

Grocery distribution is one of the toughest and most complex businesses. As consumer behavior changes, more distribution options must be available to meet those needs. SSI SCHAEFER has the technology to manage manual, semi-, and fully automated warehouse distribution — including omnichannel fulfillment. Automation for grocery must meet specific criteria for FDA, USDA, and USWA and SSI SCHAEFER has custom solutions that suit your palate.

Download this case study to discover: 

  • How your grocery operations can grow 
  • What WAMA® technology can do to meet your complex processes by providing picking options that meet business and shopper needs
  • Solutions for labor resource management and omnichannel picking

SSI SCHAEFER provides complete but scalable solutions for storage, picking and transport systems. Complex processes are met through WAMAS warehouse management software. This software enables picking in a sequenced fashion to accurately meet temperature requirements, route scheduling, and automatic handling of varying CPG items. SSI SCHAEFER automation storage and retrieval systems provide the quality you need with proven performance you want.



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